Outputs and Results

A major Output of the NPA TARGET Project  was the development of a Toolkit of innovation supports for SMEs. The TARGET Toolkit includes Virtual Reality and Simulation, Lean Manufacturing, Environmental Management, Robotics and Automation, Creative Concept Development, Supply Chain Management - and others. Details about the NPA TARGET Toolkit can be found in the Resources section.

Objective 1


Develop, implement and refine a suit of innovation support across 30 manufacturing SME's in the NPA Region with the aim of giving them new skills, expertise, tools and concepts to allow them to increase global competitiveness and be innovative leaders in their sector.

Working with these regional SMEs, the TARGET Project Partners developed and trialled the NPA TARGET Tools. There was also a series of regional and transnational TARGET Project conferences, seminars and networking events led by the Project Partners and involving participating companies and local stakeholders.

Objective 2


Reduce the competitive and knowledge gap in manufacturers in the NPA Region through the introduction of new processes, techniques, knowledge and skills. This will involve the transnational sharing of innovative programmes developed and successfully applied by the partners in their own regions. Specific focus will be on the application of new technologies and processes and implementation of new business models to the manufacturing companies.

Through the NPA TARGET Project, the Project Partners pooled their expertise and resources in key technology areas and were able to extend these to SMEs through a deep engagement with manufacturing companies, led by exemplar development projects where the TARGET Tools were demonstrated in action.

Objective 3


Demonstrate the benefits to be gained through the application of new technologies and how these can re-position the manufacturing sector as an indispensable part of the overall supply chain. the project will embed the manufacturing sector as key downstream and upstream partners in the overall supply chain.

Each of the NPA TARGET Tools contributes in a real way to the development of SMEs, through the application of new technologies, processes and creative thinking.